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'The very first eye on earth effectively turned on the lights for animal behaviour,' writes Professor Parker, 'and consequently for further rapid evolution.' Almost overnight, life suddenly grew vastly more complex.

Predators were able to hunt far more efficiently, and so prey had to evolve fast too - or get eaten.

But he does gradually come to understand, in the course of his investigations, that our ancestors of thousands of years ago, though they may not have had i Pods and plasma-screen televisions, nevertheless possessed a wisdom that was, quite literally, timeless: as true now as it was then.

In the Book of Genesis, God first and most famously creates heaven and earth, but 'without form', and commands: 'Let there be light.' A perfect description of the Big Bang, that founding moment of our universe some 13 billion years ago, an unimaginable explosion of pure energy and matter 'without form' out of nothing - the primordial Biblical 'void'.

The moment that there were 'lights', or eyes, then life exploded into all its infinite variety.

Another looked like an octopus with its head stuck in a beaker, and another can only be described as 'a swimming pea with a pair of beady eyes, bull's horns, a pair of "hands" and a fish's tail.' Others resemble balls of spines, vase-shaped pin-cushions, or badminton shuttlecocks with chameleon-like tongues.Anyone who doubts the power of evolution by natural selection only has to look at the Burgess Shale fossils.How does Genesis describe the teeming aquatic life of the Cambrian explosion?In the Triassic and Jurassic epochs, the dinosaurs knew only plants such as giant conifers and tree ferns.But since grass did not in fact evolve until much later, a sternly literal-minded scientist would declare the Bible wrong, and consign it to the nearest wheelie bin. If you take 'grass, herb and tree' to mean photosynthesising life in general, then this is, once again, spot on.

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I realized that there is no substitute for the 13 years of experience and skills that he gained during his playing career.

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While not everyone wants to show off, having a nice home is a definite help when you host a party.

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and finds fugitive Jack in London trying to stop an assassination attempt on President James Heller by terrorist Margot Al-Harazi. Carter and CTU are also tasked with preventing the terrorists from committing a large-scale attack.

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Telegram is for everyone who wants fast and reliable messaging and calls.

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Earlier this month, Sergeant First Class Elizabeth Teasley surprised her three sons after 10 months overseas. "Now it's time to make up, so I'm excited to be home and I'm ready for this next chapter." Though parent-child reunions are about as touching as you can get, men and women serving in the armed forces leave siblings, cousins, grandparents, and a myriad of other relatives behind while on active duty.

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The agents had worked some of the biggest cases to come through the cyber program, taking down the stalker of ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews and busting up Operation Phish Phry—one of the largest online fraud rings ever, which netted the crooks about .5 million.

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"Ever since we started working together, I've been playing him some of my music, and he just slowly became more involved, so we made it official," Grey exclusively told MTV News, after it was announced that Em would oversee her LP.